Salumificio Rossi uses only meat of Italian domestic pigs belonging to the
protected circuit for the production of the most important Italian PDOs
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Strolghino whole, peeled, vacuum-packed

Medium weight



€ 4,70


The product

Typical small salami of the Bassa Parmense made from meat obtained from the Culatello processing. In the past, every family raised pigs at home (and some still do it): they were fed with kitchen scraps, nothing was wasted. Strolghino is obtained from these homemade productions and it is the first cured meat eaten after pork processing.
The careful selection of meats and ingredients is an essential step for the success of this salami. After grinding, the mixture is stuffed into an extremely thin intestine which accelerates its drying and rapidly leads to maturing.

Delicate and light in taste and it is eaten still soft.

It does not contain added gluten, dairy products, allergens or chemical flavourings.

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