Salumificio Rossi uses only meat of Italian domestic pigs belonging to the
protected circuit for the production of the most important Italian PDOs
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Culatello of Zibello PDO

Culatello di Zibello PDO only a half, peeled, vacuum-packed

Medium weight



€ 120,00


The product

A typical product of the Bassa Parmense, culatello is made with the largest muscular part of the hind leg of pigs, deboned and without skin. It is hand-salted and dressed externally with a protection (bladder) to better preserve and protect it. After being placed in a natural skin it is hand-tied.

The whole product should be hung in a damp, poorly ventilated place. It should be peeled and washed before consumption.
Once cut, the product should be stored in the refrigerator.

It does not contain added gluten, dairy products, allergens or chemical flavourings.

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