Salumificio Rossi uses only meat of Italian domestic pigs belonging to the
protected circuit for the production of the most important Italian PDOs
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Rolled seasoned bacon

Matured Pancetta sliced into tray

Medium weight



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The product

Matured Pancetta is obtained from the pork belly with skin (rind). It is trimmed, salted and spiced. It is rolled and tied before being dried. It is then matured for several months in our cellars.

The product obtained is a pancetta characterized by a sweet aroma of an old recipe, a great softness and delicacy thanks to the streaks of the noble white fat.

Use: ideal for cold cut appetizers and delicious sandwiches.

Storage: once it has been partially sliced, it should be kept in the refrigerator wrapped in a protective plastic wrap used to cover the cut area only.

It does not contain added gluten, dairy products, allergens or chemical flavourings.

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