Salumificio Rossi uses only meat of Italian domestic pigs belonging to the
protected circuit for the production of the most important Italian PDOs
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Culaccia ® - esclusive Salumificio Rossi

Culaccia ® cut in half, vacuum-packed (nr. 2 half)

Medium weight



€ 160,00


The product

Culaccia ® is an exclusive registered trademark product by Salumificio Rossi. Invented by Riccardo Rossi many years ago, it is made from the highly-prized and prime part of the leg without bone, shank or “fiocco”.

It is processed and matured using all-natural methods and it is neither stuffed nor worked in any other way. There is little waste and its characteristic shape provides uniform slices from the beginning to the end. It has the tenderness of ham and the sweet mellowness of Culatello.

The whole Culaccia ® is stored in a cellar, or at least in a cool and moist environment. Once it has been partially sliced, it is recommended that the product be kept in the refrigerator.

It does not contain added gluten, dairy products, allergens or chemical flavourings.

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